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How much is my property worth?
At Ray White Drysdale, we understand every property is different. We advise you to look at current sales in the area. Attend auctions of comparable properties. And monitor results in the local newspapers.
We have access to our own sales database, and will examine every comparable sale before recommending a price range and the best method of sale. We look at the current economic indicators, the state of the market, the current level of buyer activity and the social and political trends before arriving at our best and most accurate appraisal. At all times we guide you through the process. And our ultimate goal is always to exceed your expectations.

But another agency has said I could get more for my property?
Real Estate Agents can only provide an opinion of what they truly believe the property would sell for, within a given time-frame. Ultimately, it is up to the purchaser to offer what they believe is a reasonable price, and up to the owner to decide if they should accept the offer, negotiate or refuse. At Ray White Drysdale, we pride ourselves on providing honest advice.

How much do you charge?
The sale of your home or investment property is one of the most important transactions you will make.
It is important that your selection of a selling agent is not based on the lowest fee but more the professional approach of the agent, their skill level and their leverage and support a chosen agent has in the company they represent.
Generally the selling fees are negotiated and normally a percentage of the gross selling price applies.
As your lead agent, our role will be to attract as many buyers as possible to the property. We know from experience setting a competitive selling fee provides us with the opportunity to invite not only local and national offices of the Ray White group to assist in the sale, but also companies outside our brand as well.

Marketing – How important is it?
The marketing of your property is an integral part of selling your property. At Ray White Drysdale, we have a balanced and specific marketing campaign along with access to our powerful database of active buyers further enhances your chances of an exceptional result.
Our agents and marketing team will tailor an appropriate campaign to suit your property and needs. We secure the most competitive rates across all on-line and print media because of our agency profile and long standing relationships with all media outlets. These relationships also allow us to create excellent editorial opportunities which are at no cost to you.
We know that terrific sales are achieved when marketing creates a sense of excitement and urgency. One thing is clear. Well-positioned and well-planned marketing can sometimes be the difference between a good and a great result.
What about property presentation?

And timing?
The appropriate time to sell is not heavily dependent on seasonal factors. During Spring and Autumn, there is a larger volume of available properties, leaving the other months in the year with less stock but a sale in Winter can be just as successful as one in Summer.
Timing is sometimes governed by your own circumstances.
Some clients try to play the market and hope there is a better time in the future. From our experience this is not always a good move as markets can be volatile.
If there are segments of a change in the market a good agent will be able to provide sound evidence of the most current conditions.

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