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5 Ways to Light up your Garden

By Emma Smith

Make the most of your garden this summer by ensuring it’s lit up in the evening. From integrated mains-powered options to simple solar-powered lamps, all our options will keep you out of the dark.

Photo by The Garden Builders – Look for garden design inspiration

Lead the way
Find your way around the garden at night by illuminating a path. You could go for a uniform look with bollard lamps dotted along the edge at regular intervals, or opt for a less formal design such as this one. Here, a couple of lamps are positioned right along the path, while others are dotted inside the borders to light up the foliage. The effect is dramatic and inviting.

Opt for solar-powered designs to keep things simple, and choose bulbs that emit a warm white rather than cool light, as it will create a softer, more welcoming glow.

Photo by Kate Eyre Garden Design – Browse deck ideas

Take it to the deck 
On a deck, it’s a nice idea to install recessed LEDs in the boards. You can position them in a line along one board, or try something more creative and curvy as the owners of this garden have done.

To install them, you’ll need to remove the boards, then you can mark where you want to put the lights. Bear in mind the length and position of the power cord while you’re working this out. Select a drill bit that will create a hole that is a couple of millimetres bigger than the light and fitting. Finally insert the lights in the holes, connect to the cord and position a waterproof seal around each light.

Photo by Barnes Walker Ltd – Landscape Architects – Browse deck boxes

Start a fire
Combine heat and lighting by investing in a fire pit. You’ll be glad you did when the temperature drops. This pit has a sleek metal panel behind to reflect the flames and provide an even brighter glow.

There are many different models around – from simple and inexpensive freestanding braziers, to custom-built versions like the one here – so it should be easy to find the right fire pit for your space.

Photo by Ornamental Garden Lighting – Browse patio heaters

Hang a chandelier
Make the most of any overhead structures by hanging a statement pendant. Waterproof LED or solar-powered designs are widely available and are perfect for giving your outdoor area the feel of a real living room.

The pergola here holds an ornate chandelier, which is an unexpected addition and adds a luxurious touch. For a pendant that doubles up as a heater, try one of the hanging halogen heaters that are available from various retailers. They come in attractive on-trend designs and are also great if you want to combine warmth and light.

Photo by B&Q – Browse garden ideas

Make it magical
Fairy lights are a wonderfully simple and usually inexpensive way to illuminate your garden. They can be strung up anywhere and moved around when needed. Simply hang some between trees, drape them over an arbour or pergola, or put them along a fence.

For a festive look you could opt for brightly coloured lights. Here, simple white fairy lights have been teamed with a variety of other designs, including hanging glass bottles filled with tealights.

Photo by The Garden Builders – Browse outdoor furniture

Pop in some lanterns
Another simple and effective way to provide atmospheric lighting in your garden is to dot around some candles and lanterns. There are some great battery- and solar-powered versions, which offer a safe flicker that won’t blow away in the breeze.

The mirrored tray here keeps a group of glass tealight holders together and reflects the light back into the space.

This story originally appeared on Houzz.

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