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Travis’ Top 10 Tips for your new home

By Emma Smith

After over 20 years in the industry and various personal moves, Travis shares his top 10 tips for moving.

  1. Change your locks.
  2. Fumigation for spiders including inside the ceiling cavity
  3. Make sure you have somewhere to rest (couch) and utensils to make a coffee and some food during the un-pack stage.
  4. Gather all relevant paperwork for appliances and put together in one place
  5. Take photos of compliance plates for your oven and hot water system
  6. Check Services Victoria for any sustainability or Energy Efficiency grants that can save you on old appliances
  7. Make sure your mail re-direction is up and running
  8. Explore your garden and consider removing plants that may be toxic to pets (the last owner may not have had pets)
  9. If you have an electronic garage door, learn how to open it manually if the power goes out. Also consider having the motor serviced for longevity.
  10. Plan the housewarming!!
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