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  • What is a condition report?

    When a bond is paid, a landlord or owner must prepare a condition report which notes the general condition of the property, room or caravan, including fittings and fixtures. The landlord must complete this report before you move in and give the tenant or resident two copies. The condition report … Read more

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  • Excessive neighbourhood noise

    Specifically . . . barking dogs. Do you have a dog barking non-stop in the neighbourhood? Maybe your first instinct is to write an angry anonymous letter and leave it in the offending owner’s mailbox? Perhaps you’ll just vent on the local community Facebook page, gain the sympathy of others … Read more

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  • 10 Things To Help Set Up Good Tenant Relations

    Investing in a rental property can be highly rewarding if successful, as it can help build your net worth and make a profit by generating a steady monthly income. This type of investment takes work – finding the right property, maintaining it, making it attractive for potential tenants and finding suitable … Read more

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  • Why Geelong house prices are ready to grow in 2019

    Peter Farago 07 SEP 2019 EXPERTS have put Geelong’s property market on target for steady growth this year. The positive sentiment at the start of spring comes after financial regulators relaxed rules affecting how much homebuyers could borrow. Herron Todd White, Geelong manager Mark Harmer said providing buyers with better … Read more

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  • Why auctions deliver the best results for Geelong homeowners

    Peter Farago 24 AUG 2019 NEW data could swing the debate over which real estate method of sale delivers the best results for homesellers. The realestate.com.au research has revealed the gap between auction versus private sale results in Geelong over the past five years. The figures revealed properties sold at … Read more

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  • How to stop condensation on your windows in winter

    Ali Johnson 15 AUG 2019 When winter sets in, most people settle indoors and seal off any cold air that might sneak its way in. Unfortunately, this means natural ventilation and airflow is compromised. This causes a build-up of moist air, which can quickly develop into mould and mildew. So … Read more

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