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5 things to leave behind when you move

By Emma Smith

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Moving is a great chance to cull some of those belongings you’ve ‘accidentally’ accumulated over the years with no intention of ever using again. And it can be a welcome relief.

But what about the things you don’t want to leave – but have to?

1. Your garden

While you may have become quite attached to your garden throughout your time living there, it can put a huge amount of strain on your plants or trees to try moving them to your new place.

Rather than risk all of your favourite plants dying on the move, leave your garden where it is, because you can always set up another garden at your new place.

However, if you simply can’t live without that one tree or bush, have removalists experienced with plants and gardens take care of it for you.

2. Bird houses

If you had bird houses put up at your place and enjoyed having an array of birds dropping by during your time living there, it’s a good idea to leave the houses behind, because the birds will have grown accustomed to them and it would be cruel to now take their homes away.

You might like to leave leftover seeds for the new tenants so that they can continue the tradition of looking after the birds in the area.

3. Fixtures

If you have invested in special fixtures and fittings for the house, such as a chandelier or even fancy cupboard handles, it makes sense that you might want to take these with you. But generally, these things should stay put.

If you do decide to take some fixtures or special bits and pieces when you move, be sure to replace them – even if it’s with generic versions – otherwise, the new residents will be shocked to find handle-less doors or rooms with no lights (not to mention the fact you need to be clear and transparent about fixtures and fittings if you’re selling or renting out).

4. Things you no longer need

While you shouldn’t leave anything in the house when you go, that doesn’t mean it should all come with you to your new place. Say goodbye to those items you no longer want or need, because it’s silly to put time and effort into moving useless or unused items from place to place (and more common than you might think).

Holding a garage sale before you leave is a fantastic way to perhaps even make some money from your downsizing; otherwise, giving away or donating items is an easy way to clean up and help out others at the same time. Get a professional organiser to help if you’re having trouble sorting out what really needs to come with you.

Knowing what to leave behind can make a move a whole lot easier, so think carefully when you’re planning your packing – and face the fact that some things are better off staying behind as you move on to a new chapter in life.

5. A token for the new residents

Consider leaving behind a note or gift for whoever will be moving in after you’ve moved on. It could be a helpful note explaining how certain things work and where the best local restaurants are, or just a nice bottle of wine to wish them well. Think of how much you’d appreciate stepping in to discover that in your new home and pay it backward.

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