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By Emma Smith

Kids’ rooms are by far the most fun to decorate because they’re a zone where you can let your imagination run wild.

The added bonus is that little ones are generally more forgiving when it comes to how you’ve put their space together. That said, it doesn’t mean that decorating errors can’t be made. Let’s take a look at some common rookie styling mistakes you might be making in your child’s room below, and how you can curb your wicked ways pronto.

You forgot that your child is 6, not 26

We understand how easy it can be to get swept up in the beautiful kids’ rooms you see on Pinterest. But please keep your sanity in check when decorating a room for a child and remember one basic rule: they’re a child. Too many kids’ rooms these days are being styled in a manner that’s far too mature. Let there be some fun and frivolity in the space. It should be whimsical, imperfect and evoke a sense of joy. Nobody is coming around to photograph the room for Architectural Digest. Sorry, but it’s true!

There’s no imagination at play

Sending me to my room as a child was the worst punishment ever. I loved that space! You need to have your child’s room feel just as amazing to be in – and it all starts with play. Ensure there is more than just a bed, a shelf and some floor space, and start to think like a kid with the styling you introduce. Strewn fairy lights across the head of the bed, glow-in-the-dark stars on the roof or a family of bat decals flying across the wall is a good start. A teepee in the corner of the room where your child can escape to is also a nice concept. And don’t forget a dress-up box!

The furniture’s not versatile

As I’m sure you’re well aware, your child burns through clothing in the early stages of their life as they grow. They might not work through furniture as quickly, but it’s still important to think long-term when it comes to the pieces you buy. There are some great local brands, which make cots that turn into beds and beds that turn into desks. Pieces like this ensure you get the most bang for your buck, and I highly recommend it. Many if not all of the furniture is unisex, too, so it can be passed onto siblings down the track if need be.

You haven’t kept the shell neutral

I might have said that kids’ rooms should be fun. But what’s not fun is painting the walls for the third time in a year because your child no longer enjoys the jungle motif you’ve illustrated. Save yourself all the hard work and keep the shell of the room fairly neutral. It’s super refreshing to see kids’ rooms painted in colours that aren’t blue or pink. Opt for a tone that’ll work for years to come, like a soft grey or muted green. Decorate with colourful moments on top of that and save yourself having to make any major changes as your child’s tastes develop.

Your storage isn’t clever

I know I’m being Captain Obvious by telling you that storage is important in a kid’s room. But do think outside the box, because alternative ideas really come in handy. Sure, have a shelf and a box for toys. But also consider low book rails where your little one’s books can be displayed within easy reach. And then install higher shelving on the wall that only you can utilise to store objects you want to control (like an iPad). Also think about hanging belly baskets on hooks attached to the wall. This concept is great for small rooms where you need all the floor space you can get. And don’t forget to utilise the space under the bed for storing seasonal clothing and blankets, too.


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