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The pawfect dog breed for every type of home

By Emma Smith

Article by Katie Skelly

Furry friends bring endless amounts of joy to your household, so whether you live in an apartment, share house, terrace or standalone home, you can be rest assured there’s a dog breed suited to your space.

Is it the right time in your life for a dog to finally join you or your family? Though exciting every step of the way, adding a pup to your family is a big responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There’s a whole lot that needs to be taken into account before you bring your new best friend home – and the type of home you live in is just one consideration.

Dr Cherlene Lee, veterinarian and owner of Sydney’s My Vet Animal Hospital, says placing an active dog in an environment that lacks stimulation can have a detrimental effect.

“The wrong environment can lead to severe anxiety in dogs and can increase a dog’s destructive tendencies. In these cases, dogs are often surrendered and are placed at risk of being euthanised,” she says.

To help you choose a dog breed that best suits your lifestyle and living situation, Dr Cherlene reveals the top three dog breeds for every type of home.

Which dog best suits your household? Picture: Getty

The best dogs for apartment living

1. Greyhound

It may surprise you, but greyhounds do, in fact, make great apartment pups. “For such great athletes, they are known to be couch potatoes. That said, exceptions do exist, so it’s important to consider the personality of the dog,” says Cherlene.

Pets in the bedroom: Yay or nay? 

2. Bedlington Terrier

Another great choice for smaller flats, these guys do not shed and are typically good-natured.

3. Griffon Bruxellois

These cuties are a low-shedding breed, are super intelligent and have low exercise needs.

Bedlington Terriers are ideal for apartment living. Picture: Elyssa Albert

The best dogs for large houses

1. Beagle

Beagles are great for larger family homes as they’re very energetic, curious and playful.

2. Labradoodle / Groodle

Your new best friend is super affectionate, easy going and won’t leave too much hair littered around the place.

3. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

These caramel fluffballs are eager to please and bounce off the walls with energy. If this is the dog for you, make sure you allocate plenty of park time into your days.

Walks in the park are about to get a whole lot cuter. Picture: Jamie Street

The best dogs for farmlands and large estates

1. Australian Cattle Dog

An amazing working dog, the Australian cattle dog is highly loyal and uber intelligent. Oh, and adorable.

2. Border Collie

Another high-energy dog, border collies are eager to please and display endless loyalty to their owners.

3. Hungarian Vizsla

Affectionate at all times, the caramel-coated Hungarian vizsla is high-energy and super smart.

Hungarian Vizsla’s are playful and smart. Picture: 2Photo Pots

The best dogs for inner-city terraces

1. Pug

Loves cuddles, is easy-going and thrives on human interaction. Make sure you reserve plenty of pats for your pug.

2. French Bulldog

Like the pug, a Frenchie is big on cuddles and one-on-one time with its owner, but has oodles of energy to spare for walks around town.

3. Alaskan Klee Kai

A high-energy, intelligent and loyal pup, Alaskan Klee Kai’s have a thick black and white coat so may require a home with air conditioning or good insulation in the summer months.

French Bulldogs make great terrace pups. Picture: Brina Blum

The best dogs for share houses

Dr Cherlene says having a dog in a share house can be tricky. “It really depends on how many people are living together and how big the house is. If there were eight people living in a two-bedroom apartment with some people sleeping on the couch, we would not recommend a dog in this instance. However, if you are sharing a spacious place with only one or two close mates who also enjoy the company of a dog, you may consider the breeds below.”

1. Boston Terrier

Sweet, good-natured dogs that simply love people and interacting with humans.

2. Papillon

Another people-oriented pup, the Papillon is friendly and intelligent.

3. English Staffordshire Terrier

Get your walking shoes on because this breed loves a good walking. High on energy, these guys require plenty of exercise and are very affectionate.

Looking for a share house doggo? The papillon loves people and affection. Picture: Mack Fox

“At the end of the day, it all comes down to training,” says Dr Cherlene. “Any poorly trained dog can become unfriendly and have lots of behavioural issues.”

Cherlene’s advice? “Please consider the time and effort you are willing to invest in training your new furry friend as well as your current lifestyle and living environment before bringing a pet into your life.”

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