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Things I wish I could steal from grandma’s house

By Emma Smith
02 JAN 2019
Nobody set trends quite like your grandma. And nobody has held onto them quite as long as she has either.

So with that in mind, allow me to share a few things I’d love to steal from my Grandma’s house. Cue the sentimental music!

The crochet blanket on the back of the sofa

Under no other circumstances are crochet blankets cute outside of your grandma’s house. Or, if your grandma has handed one down to you. I have script rules about crochet blankets, clearly. They’re absolutely adorable on the back of her couch though. I think we can all agree on that. Bonus warm and fuzzies if the colours represent a football team.

Crochet blankets are super cute at grandma’s house. Picture: Getty

The vintage sideboard that’s now worth a fortune

Grandmothers have no idea just how much money they’re sitting on. The vintage furniture and decor they have at home is the stuff Antiques Roadshow is made of. And don’t feel bad for considering taking one on the show without her knowledge. We’ve all thought about it. Who needs sentimental value when you can score a cheeky $5000 for a vintage sideboard?

Grandmothers have no idea just how much money they’re sitting on. Picture: Rob Brink/Unsplash

The crockery, cutlery and everything else in the hutch

People these days just don’t appreciate storing ‘good china’ in hutches. It’s definitely a lost art-form we need to bring back. Nothing is more precious than sipping from one of Grandma’s prized teacups, or gazing into the hutch at cutlery that’s decades old and with a story attached to it that Grandma could regale for at least two hours without taking breath.

Everything tastes better on a vintage jade green tray. Picture: Emanuela Picone/Unsplash

The lolly jar that always replenishes itself

Nothing was more exciting than the lolly or cookie jar at Grandma’s house when you were a kid. Do you remember going over and not wanting to seem like a gluttonous pig, but at the same time all your eyeballs fixed on from the moment you walked in the door on was that jar. I want that feeling in my own home when I get in from work every night. But maybe now it’s filled with cheese and wine.

When it comes to candy, grandma has the good stuff. Picture: Joanna Kosinska/Unsplash

The insane gallery wall of photos

Nobody does an insane wall of photos quite like your grandma. The best part is that all of them were taken on an old-school camera where red eye reduction didn’t exist. Selfies were never invented either, so there was never a second take to refine your pose. The result, of course, is a photo of you in your teen years that should never see the light of day. But at the same time, kind of amazing.

A gallery wall of memories is always a good idea. Picture: Erinna Giblin

The doll toilet roll holder

This needs to be taken from your Grandma’s house not because it’s cute, but because it needs to be burnt immediately to never see the light of day again. There is no excuse for the doll toilet roll holder. Steal that eyesore and terminate ASAP.

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