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What nobody tells you about moving interstate

By Emma Smith

Article written by Chris Carroll

Considering moving to a new state? I’ve done it myself and couldn’t recommend it more! But the process can be tricky; not only the move itself, but what goes down once you’re in your new abode.

Here are some things to mull over before you make the big move.

Cover precious keepsakes in triple the bubble wrap

Moving states isn’t like moving to the next suburb. You can’t just wrap a vase in a tea towel, pop it into your car and get it to the new home in one piece. Avoid awkward arguments with removalists over broken keepsakes and triple wrap all your fragile pieces in bubble wrap.

Make friends with bubble wrap when you’re moving states. Picture: Getty

Pets will crap in the car on the drive – it’s a fact!

If you’re driving your car up, down or across to a new state, and pets are coming with you, I have a newsflash you may not like: They will crap in the car. Dogs might be better at telling you when they need to pull over for a poop. Cats, not so much. Cats will be silent for the majority of the drive, but out of nowhere your eyes will start to water, the windows will fog up and you’ll begin choking on the fumes of Fancy Feast.

Cute, but he will crap in the car! Picture: Andrew Pons/Unsplash

Have an emergency survival pack on standby

Removalists may not arrive at the same time you do. In many circumstances they could be a day or so behind. This means you’re in a big empty house with nothing but excitement to keep you company. You’ll need a survival guide: That’s a blow-up mattress, a picnic set so you can eat and drink, and bare essential clothing and toiletries. And most importantly, a laptop!

Clean sheets and a laptop are essentials for the early days after moving. Picture: Kamil S/Unsplash

Every city has people who behave completely differently

Not only are roads completely different in each state (do read up on the rules prior) but people are too. Moving to Sydney? People have limited to no time for your conversations. In Melbourne, not giving way to pedestrians even though you’re not required to is considered a white-collar crime. And in Brisbane, if you don’t know a random stranger’s life story at the end of a bus trip, are you actually even in Brissy?

How many of these liveable cities have you been to?

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