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Seller’s Guide

Selling a house is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

But where do you start? This guide will start you off on the right foot and provide practical tips and advice to help you along the way.

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Selling a Property

Successfully Selling a Property Requires Experienced Agents – Call Us Today

Are you thinking of buying or selling a property but not sure where to start? Our team at Ray White Drysdale is always available to provide any information on market conditions, area amenities and even give you some auction tips for a successful transaction.

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Property

’How much does it cost to sell a house?’’ is a common question we receive from our clients. While it’s tempting for many sellers to avoid hiring an estate agent to save on expenditure, the risks of doing it alone far outweigh the costs.

  • We avoid emotional sales. Selling your beloved home can become an emotional process. Our skilled agents remove you from the front line, making you less likely to make emotional mistakes, like refusing a lower counter-offer because you feel offended or giving up because you failed to meet your selling deadline. Our team can follow up with prospective buyers without showing too much eagerness or desperation. Foregoing the use of an estate agent means that you will deal with each rejection each time a potential buyer loses interest, which can become upsetting.
  • Selling your home is a full-time job. Can you rush home every time someone wants to view your house? Can you excuse yourself each time your phone rings with a potential buyer? At the end of a stressful workday, the last thing you want to do is try and market your home – and do you have the correct experience in marketing properties? If you answered no to these questions, it is definitely worth your while to invest in an estate agent who can do all these activities on your behalf.
  • We have access to networks. You can list your home on local online platforms, but is that enough? You may have a vast network of personal or professional connections; however, they will most likely have limited interest in spreading the news about your property for sale. Unfortunately, most people do not have access to industry professionals to assist with your sale. We have access to various connections, including other agents, buyers, and sellers and can pair the correct buyers to their ideal homes. We also have relationships with lending facilities and other professionals who can assist with property selling costs, valuations, and additional vital information about selling your home.
  • We weed out unqualified buyers. Our team knows how to decipher between a serious buyer and curious neighbours looking to spy. Continuous training enables us to ask qualifying questions to ascertain the prospects’ seriousness and motivation. We also understand how to move these potential buyers from their decision phase to the point of purchase.
  • We’re clued up on negotiating. Even If you possess sales experience, most people don’t know enough about how to sell a house. Our negotiating experience allows us to get as close to your preferred price range as possible while taking minimal agents fees for selling your house. In addition, our thorough understanding of local customs and market conditions allow us to make informed decisions to the benefit of our clients. Whether buying, selling, or renting, we will always keep in line with your required intentions.

Tips for Staging Your Home for a Successful Sale

We understand the dos and don’ts when it comes to selling your home. While some of the following may not apply to everyone, here are a few ways to start getting your house ready to sell.

  • Ensure your home is neat and presentable. Remove excess clutter, clean the floors and wipe counters. Remove or repair any visible signs of aging, such as broken cupboards or lifting floors.
  • Potential buyers don’t want reminders that their dream home had previous occupants. So, remove any photos and other signs so viewers can’t associate your home with anything other than themselves.
  • Don’t forget about the garden. Mow the lawn, trim and edge the garden beds, and ensure your pool is clean and debris-free.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Ray White Drysdale

Years of industry experience allow us to provide trustworthy advice on several property-related topics. We strive to provide your desired outcome with reasonable solicitor’s fees for selling a house to our broad network of key industry players. For more information on our offering, contact us.