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By Emma Smith

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We hear the phrase ‘less is more’ a lot throughout our lives. It might seem like a silly expression when you’re sprinkling cheese on your nachos, but it holds a lot of truth when it comes to preparing your home for sale. Minimalist home staging could work wonders for your property’s first impression and help you secure a sale faster.

You know what doesn’t sell a house? Personal memories and clutter.

Potential buyers don’t want to show up for an inspection and feel like they’re stepping into a family home video. If you want your home to appeal to people, you’ll have to give your excess furniture and sentimental crap the boot (at least temporarily) and let your house speak for itself.

  • The family photos? Gotta go.
  • The armchair in the corner that’s making your lounge room look smaller than it is? Gotta go.
  • The cliché ‘live, laugh, love’ quote in your kitchen? Gotta go. (And really, this one should have gone years ago.)

Once you’ve stripped your house of excess ‘stuff’ and all those little bits and pieces that reflect your personality, you’ll be left with a simple, minimalist space potential buyers can picture themselves in. We’re telling you, decluttering is the solution for just about everything. Except your elderly neighbour’s arthritis. That will need medical attention.


There’s a reason the fake little rooms in fancy furniture stores look so appealing. When you stick with the bare necessities, a room can look tidy, chic, and more spacious. When you add unnecessary furniture and knickknacks to a room, it becomes cluttered and closed-in. You can dust and vacuum all you like, but if your room is filled with stuff, it’s not going to look as clean and tidy.

When people are looking for a new home, they don’t want to see your belongings – they want to see the house. So while you may take great pride in your huge collection of antique teddy bears, potential buyers would probably prefer you to take them off your bed and dresser before the inspection.


It’s hard for potential buyers to picture themselves living in your home when it’s filled to the brim with your furniture and personal belongings. It’s even harder for them to want to live in your home with that sensual nude portrait hanging in the ensuite bathroom.

By staging each room with just the basics, you allow people to mentally move in their own furniture and imagine how their stuff would look.

For example, if your home office currently consists of a beanbag, filing cabinet, bookcase, office chair, and desk buried under 149 pens, it’s time to declutter. A desk, chair and bookcase are all you need to make your home office look functional.


Don’t know where to start on your journey to the perfect staged home? We’ve got you.

Remove Personal Decorations

No one wants to feel like they’re creeping around someone else’s home. Take those finger paintings and wedding photos down while your house is up for inspection.

Clear the Clutter

Keep each room looking tidy and spacious by sticking to the bare minimum in furniture. Sure, that second coffee table in the corner is great for keeping the kids’ colouring books off the ground, but it makes the room look small and cluttered.

Keep Cupboards and Drawers Organised

Don’t assume no one will see that nude portrait just because you stashed it in your bedroom cupboard. Potential buyers are a nosy bunch – they will be opening cupboard doors and drawers to suss out the storage space, so these areas need attention. Keep them organised and throw out any junk.

Clean Thoroughly

Once you’ve evicted the excess furniture, you might find some dust-bunnies lurking about. Now that more of your rooms are on show, you’ll need to do a thorough clean to make sure your home is spotless. Don’t forget the walls and the ceilings – you might be surprised by how many cobwebs have accumulated in the corners.

Decorate With Artwork

If your minimalist rooms look like they’re missing something, add some interest with artwork. This is a great way to add a pop of colour and bring a room to life without taking up floor space. Something contemporary and abstract is a safe bet – not everyone is into historical paintings of WWI.

Make your home more attractive to potential buyers by decluttering and using some minimalist home staging. Meanwhile, we’ll keep your stuff safe and sound in one of our self-storage units until you need it again.

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